Paleo Foods That Help Baby’s Bone and Muscle Development

The food you eat while pregnant can determine your baby’s health in a number of ways. There are Paleo foods pregnant moms-to-be should eat to ensure the baby’s bones and muscles develop properly. They additionally provide the soon-to-be mom with plenty of nutritional goodness during her pregnancy.

These are the same nutritious foods you can start feeding your baby after six months of age. That’s when most pediatricians recommend your baby can start eating solid food. These foods can be cooked or eaten raw, pureed, or mashed.

Paleo Foods with Calcium

Calcium is essential for strong, healthy bones. You probably already know that. Web MD and other online sources of health and wellness information recommend consuming at least 1,000 mg of calcium each day for pregnant women. Some doctors and nutritionists may recommend a little more or a little less.

The US government says somewhere between 1,000 and 1,300 daily milligrams of calcium is best for adults. Other health experts say you only need between 600 and 800 mg to build healthy bones. As you can see, recommendations are all over the place!

While not everyone agrees on how much calcium you should be eating, everyone agrees that it’s required for a strong and healthy bone structure. For pregnant moms sticking to a Paleo eating plan, these are the foods that are Paleo-approved and rich in calcium.

  • Sesame seeds 351 mg of calcium per 1/4 cup serving
  • Sardines (with bones) 350 mg of calcium per 3.75 ounce can
  • Collard greens, spinach, and turnip greens 200 to 268 mg of calcium per cup
  • Canned sockeye salmon (with bones) 188 mg calcium per 3 ounce serving
  • Mustard greens, beet greens and bok choy 150 to 165 mg calcium per cup
  • Green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and kale 50 to 90 mg calcium per cup

A medium orange delivers about 50 mg of calcium. The same can be said for a tablespoon of cinnamon. A cup of asparagus or celery will get you 40 mg of calcium, and a tablespoon of oregano delivers 30 mg. Add plenty of these Paleo-approved calcium boosters to your diet while pregnant to help bone development in your unborn child. Then introduce them into your baby’s diet once he starts eating solid foods.

Paleo Foods with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also vital for healthy bone development. Paleo sources of vitamin D include the salmon and sardines just mentioned, as well as mackerel and tuna. Egg yolks and beef liver are excellent sources of vitamin D.

Paleo Foods with High Levels of Protein

Protein is a cornerstone of healthy muscle development. That’s good because protein just happens to be a Paleo staple. Moms and babies need lots of protein, and this chemical required for building healthy muscular structure is found in so many delicious Paleo foods.

Meat Rich in Protein

Most meat has elevated levels of protein. The same is true of fish and other types of seafood. This means you can eat Paleo standbys like beef and lamb, chicken and turkey. Eat salmon and haddock, shrimp, shellfish and trout. Eat grass-fed beef and pasture-raised poultry products whenever possible and choose wild-caught over farm-raised seafood.

Non-Meat Paleo Protein Sources

Eggs are a wonderful Paleo source of protein, as are sea vegetables, bee pollen and nutritional yeast. Chlorella, Acai berries, hemp seeds and durians are protein-rich also.


Bone and muscle development depend on a number of factors, not just a couple of nutrients or vitamins. This means that eating a wide variety of healthy Paleo foods is essential for maximum wellness, for both mom and baby. “Eating the rainbow” and targeting vegetables of many different colors is a good way to get all the nutritional goodness you need for a safe and healthy pregnancy, labor and beautiful new baby.

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