Plan Ahead for Holiday Parties

As the holiday season approaches, it is a good time to prepare for parties, especially if you are on the Paleo diet. This will allow you to communicate your needs, know which parties to attend, and plan to bring some Paleo-friendly dishes when it is an option. Here are some ways to plan ahead for holiday parties when you want to stay Paleo.

Talk to the Host Beforehand

The first thing you can do if you are going to attend a holiday dinner or party while on Paleo is to talk to the host. Ask what they will be serving and if there is any way they can offer a Paleo option. This will depend on how well you know them as well. If they are not close to you, this might not be something you want to do. However, if it is a sibling, close friend, or close relative, feel free to just let them know about your dietary preferences, and they might be willing to make some exceptions for you. At the very least, it lets you know what to expect beforehand.

Bring Your Own Dish

This can be a great option as you know at least one thing being served is allowed on the Paleo diet. Ask the host when you speak to them if you are able to bring something, or if they are looking for people to each bring their own dish. Make something filling that can be considered the main course for you, just in case most other food at the holiday dinner or party is not going to be Paleo-approved. You can bet even though it is Paleo, others will enjoy this delicious food you have brought.

Eat Before You Leave

Lastly, it can help to not be absolutely starving when you arrive at a holiday party or dinner. You don’t need to be uncomfortably stuffed, but by having some Paleo-approved food already in your belly, you won’t be as tempted by what is being served. This can make it a more comfortable experience, and help you to actually enjoy yourself, and not be bothered by choosing veggies and meats that are on your Paleo diet.

There is no reason you have to skip holiday parties and special occasions just because you are Paleo or on any other type of special way of eating. You can still enjoy time with friends, eat delicious food, and not have to worry about it.

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