Review and Giveaway: Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan

WellFed2_cover72dpi7 Reasons You Gotta Have Well Fed 2 in Your Kitchen (and giveaway)

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Melissa is like the big sister I never had – her blog encourages me to try new things, lifts me up with her positive just keeping trying attitude, and stokes my curiosity for the unknown with recipes from far off lands.

Of course, I also think Melissa is a culinary rock star and a champion of the be good to yourself philosophy which frankly I know I could stand to hear a little more! You no doubt love and cherish her first self-published book Well Fed (um, yeah she’s also a self-publishing pioneer), and as if you had any doubts (I know you didn’t but there’s always one suspicious kid in the corner, giving you the I’m not gonna look) here’s 7 reasons you need to buy the sequel, Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat:

  1. Sauces and Seasonings – Well Fed 2 crushes excuses for dry and flavorless food. Melissa shows you how a dash of lizard sauce or sprinkle of magic dust can turn up the volume on any dish. Go-to vinaigrette, tahini dressing, jerk seasoning, and sunrise spice are just a smattering of the 17 sauces and seasonings you’ll find in Well Fed 2 and Melissa provides inspiration and instruction for simmering, sauteing, or drizzling the sauces on everything from chicken to fish and even soups!
  2. Have fun in the kitchen – Well Fed 2 features several quick meal ideas.  Showing you that cooking doesn’t have to be a chore or the dreaded post-work activity it’s often seen as. A perfect example of not taking yourself or cooking too seriously is manifested in the Elvis tribute burger. A wink and a nod to just having fun… with the King!HaveFunInTheKitchen
  3. Burgers, Balls, and Bangers – I think Melissa likes working the word balls inconspicuously into her writings, and that’s exactly the kind of tongue in cheek humor you’ll find throughout the book. Seriously this section will change the way you think about ground meat forever. With 15 recipes that can be shaped into patties, meatballs, or sausages and grilled , baked, or pan-fried, it can be hard to choose your favorite. I made not one, but two ball recipes because meatballs are my style of cooking — quick, easy, and tasty (stayed tuned for my results and the recipe!).
  4. Gorgeous Veggies – Well Fed 2 glamorizes veggies as no other Paleo cookbook can. Roasted Cabbage Roses – seriously! Who could turn that down?? There’s also citrus cauliflower rice, crisp sweet collards, and belly dance beet salad. I’m dying to break out my spiral slicer and make the sesame cucumber noodle recipe. No need to consult a fortune-teller, this veggie substitute is destined to become my take-out replacement go-to!


    courtousy of photographer Dave Humphreys

  5. Sweets – Melissa admits she prefers her sweets to be primarily natural fruits but in this book she also gives us the sweet potato “waffle” and banana pecan ice cream. Dressing up fruit isn’t really that exciting, unless you try the pear and bacon bites. Finally a recipe that totally validates my when in doubt add bacon theory! Of course if you’re not cool with bacon, Melissa gives you two other radical ideas to add spunk to your pears with warm spices. Wanna know more about the sweet potato waffle, check out Nom Nom’s play-by-play here. Looks divine!
  6. Make Your Mama Proud Book Design – Honestly Well Fed (the original) inspired me to write my cookbook and I aspired to replicate Melissa’s thoughtful, user-friendly principles to make my cookbook great. Here again, Well Fed 2 proves eye-popping photos, fun recipe intros, and easy to read and follow instructions making trying a new dish a delight. The humor and light-hearted quips make for entertaining reading while preparing fantastic meals.
  7. Boredom is So Busted – The exotic flavors of international cuisine in Well Fed 2 awaken your palette and allow you to travel to Israel, Iran, or Morocco any night of the week, no passport or luggage necessary. Taj Mahal Chicken, Faux Pho, and Lemon Lamb Tagine call to you, whispering promises of adventure and intrigue. Well Fed 2 is THE cookbook for breaking past the hesitation and diving into to new and unfamiliar flavor profiles.


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  1. I love adding powdered ginger into my morning shakes. Gives it an extra kick, and is super good for you!

  2. Jacqui brunelli says:

    I love to use mint with salads and lemon juice

  3. cocoa in my slow cooker chili.

  4. Nutmeg-I add some to homemade hard cider or grate on top of my yam casserole for an extra kick of “sweet” and spicy!

  5. Chinese 5 spice on pork belly..yum.

  6. Clove is my sweet potato bisque!

  7. I love sneaking cinnamon into savory dishes. It really warms things up.

  8. I love using old bay to make sweet potato oven fries.

  9. I have a cookie recipe that calls for Chinese 5 spice!

  10. Maggie McCoy Pogue says:

    I love adding cinnamon to chili!

  11. My favorite spice is cardamom! Its great in many baked goods, but the my favorite thing I’ve made with it was crème brulee.

  12. I love using my ultra fine garlic powder. I sprinkle it on just about everything!


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