What to Ask For in Your Wedding Cake

Refined sugar is the centerpiece for traditional wedding cakes. It’s also out of bounds for Paleo dieters like you. You want to eat clean on your wedding day. You know you could just give in and call it a cheat day. After all, there is a great reason to celebrate. On the other hand, there are plenty of caterers and cake makers that are happy to help you out.

The caveman diet has been around for some time. That means there are a lot of talented chefs out there that know how to make a gorgeous wedding cake that would get the nod of approval from your cave-dwelling ancestors.

You just have to know what to ask for. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want your wedding cake to pass the Paleo checklist test. (You can also Google “Paleo wedding cakes” + “your city” to find a wedding cake maker that is experienced in following Paleo guidelines.)

No Unhealthy Refined White Sugar Please!

This is a no-brainer. Going Paleo is all about becoming healthier and that definitely means getting the sweet, addictive and health-robbing refined sugar out of your diet. Talk with your cake maker and see what sweetener alternatives she offers.

If honey is on the list, make sure it’s raw and minimally processed. Other sweetener alternatives include monk fruit, Stevia, coconut sugar and maple syrup. Bananas are also used as a replacement for sugar when making Paleo recipes.

White Flour Is Out and These Alternatives Save the Day

Traditional baking flour and all-purpose flour are not allowed on the Paleo diet plan. They are highly processed and have little to no nutritional value, as well as being linked to a number of health issues. What are you to do, since all-purpose flour is used to bake just about everything? 

Worry not, Paleo wedding planner. There are a couple of simple and tasty alternatives.

You can use almond flour and coconut flour in place of white flour for baking. The smart Paleo chef can use arrowroot or tapioca starch, sweet potato flour or cassava flour in place of traditional flour. Check the packaging for replacement ratios.

Making Your Icing Paleo-Friendly

We already replaced sugar earlier but let’s do it again. A wedding cake is nothing if it isn’t luxuriously sweet. The icing has to be absolutely decadent. There are a few ways you can do this without using refined sugar.

You can combine mashed avocado, maple syrup and cocoa powder to make an amazing chocolate icing. A little coconut butter and agave or maple syrup with a splash of pure vanilla extract makes a wonderful vanilla icing.

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