De-Stress without Using Food

If you are struggling to stay on the Paleo diet throughout the holidays, it is not just about
what you can or can’t eat that might be the issue. Another thing to consider is that many
people like to eat sweets (and a lot of non-Paleo-friendly foods) when they are feeling
stressed. Higher levels of stress during the holidays can create quite the

What you need to do is find ways to de-stress without using food. Here are a few ideas.

Try Relaxing Activities

When you are dealing with high levels of stress, you need to get your body moving. You
can start doing this by finding activities that provide some exercise, but nothing too
intense. If you like high-impact exercise, that can be an option as well, but if you don’t
have to feel like you need a strenuous fitness routine just to ease up on your stress a

Something as simple as yoga and Pilates can be a huge help. Yoga is great both at
home or in a class, not only helping to strengthen and tone your body but teaching you
gentle breathing exercises and meditation techniques.

Write in a Journal

Another great way to relieve stress during the holiday season is to write in a journal.
This can help you not only to get your thoughts, worries, and fears out on paper, but it
also provides a lot of clarity. This act alone is a wonderful therapeutic tool that allows
you to see where your stress comes from, and find out a lot of hidden things about
yourself that have never been highlighted before.

Mindfulness and Meditation

When you are getting cravings for food not allowed on the Paleo diet, take a few
minutes to meditate and practice mindfulness first. This is often enough to reduce stress
and prevent emotional eating, while it can also help you to get your head around what
you are dealing with. Meditation can get you into a different mindset, where you are less
concerned about the food you think you need.

Mindfulness is more something that you do on a regular, consistent basis, and can also
be a wonderful tool for helping to relieve stress naturally.

Practice Self-Care

Make sure you are getting enough time to yourself! This is crucial for relieving stress
and helping you get the time you need away from other responsibilities. It can be as
simple as going for a walk, spending quality time with someone, or just taking a hot bath
in the evening before bed to relax.

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