Finding Your Paleo Wedding Caterer

If you are having a small wedding, your family might want to handle the cooking. Then again, that can be a lot of baking for even a small get-together. Since every bride wants her wedding to be the most perfect day of her life, you might be thinking about catering your wedding.

This makes sense for a lot of reasons. You already have so much to do. Removing a big consideration like preparing the food for all your guests gives you one less potential headache.

Then there’s the presentation. A professional caterer will make everything look amazing. They can supply staff for serving, and they’ve done this before so they can quickly handle any eventuality that pops up. 

Your caterer can deliver refreshing beverages as well, taking so many wedding day duties off of your hands so you can focus on enjoying this special day. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re trying to track down the perfect Paleo wedding caterer.

Ask Them to Explain a Paleo Diet

If you ask a caterer if he has done Paleo weddings before, don’t accept a simple “Yes” as your answer. Some caterers will do anything to land a wedding gig. One might say yes even though he has never handled a Paleo wedding before.

He figures he’ll just do some research and be good to go. When you find a caterer that claims to have some Paleo wedding experience, ask about what recipes were used. What problems did he face? Can he provide references so you can check with his Paleo clients to see how they felt about the experience? 

How Hard Is This Going to Hit You in Your Paleo Wallet? 

There are a lot of talented chefs out there. Some know how to take a traditional wedding day recipe and make it Paleo friendly. The problem is that you are often times looking at a bigger financial investment.

Ask your caterer for some suggestions about what you should serve. It may be that he can prepare some Paleo wedding appetizers or treats that are more budget-friendly than the ones you had in mind.

Ask for Some Paleo-Approved Samples

Ask your caterer to put her money where her mouth is. Does she have any samples on hand which qualify as Paleo? Can she whip something together? Offer to pay her for small quantities of the recipes you have in mind. She should be able to provide a list of the ingredients used, and you ensure you’re going to have some delicious food for your guests.

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