Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers, these beautiful traditions can sometimes wreak havoc on your Christmas planning. Trying to find the right items to fill the stocking, worrying that it won’t hold everything or that it will look too empty, these things can all add stress to your already busy Christmas eve night. Typically, stockings are filled with small toys and treats. While this might not be an issue for most families, if you are trying to raise healthy eaters, it can be a bit of a challenge to find the right treats for your loved ones. But there is good news, you can easily make paleo-friendly treats that will make perfect stocking stuffers.

While not considered paleo, popcorn is one paleo cheat that you can easily make healthy. Popping some kernels in coconut oil can serve as a healthy alternative to an unhealthy treat. Add some grass-fed butter to this for some extra flavor. For an extra surprise, why not put it in a small paper bag tied with string? To your kids, this will look like an extra Christmas gift!

Another fun option is paleo chocolate covered apples. Your children will not only get to enjoy a bit of chocolate, but they will also get the health benefits of the apple. Another option for this delicious treat is to let your children make their own apples as a fun Christmas eve project.

If you are looking for a smaller treat, try making some paleo granola bars. These delicious treats are great for a variety of reasons. First, they are something that your child can eat before breakfast, allowing them to feel like they get to enjoy their treat right away. Secondly, these treats are not messy, meaning they will make an easy snack for the car ride if you are traveling on holiday.

If your child has a particularly large sweet tooth, paleo peanut butter balls would make a great stocking stuffer. These tiny balls are not only sweet and delicious, but the peanut butter makes them very filling. Just a few of these treats will keep your loved ones feeling full for hours.

Paleo peppermint bark is a healthy twist on a traditional Christmas treat. This is a particularly good treat if you have family members that are new to the paleo life or family who loves the traditional peppermint bark. You can even add healthy toppings like cranberries and chocolate chips.

Eating paleo does not mean that you have to lose all of the foods that you grew up loving and it certainly doesn’t mean that your children can’t indulge their sweet tooth in the same way their non-paleo friends do. While making these treats may take a bit more time than buying them from the store, it is well worth it to know that you are giving your child treats that are handmade and healthy.

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