Make a Commitment to Sweat Daily

When people talk about getting healthy and fit there is one thing that often gets overlooked. Sweat. It isn’t glamorous, it isn’t what you want to see from the person who used that treadmill before you, and it is something that you rarely see from the instructors on your exercise DVDs. There is no other way to say it, sweat is just gross.

But as unappealing as it is, sweat is necessary if you want to be truly healthy. Yes, you can eat right and that will do wonders for helping you to fuel and energize your body. Yes, you can do workouts and they might be a good challenge for your muscles and flexibility, they may even help you to stand taller and walk prouder. Both food and exercise are crucial to living a healthy life. But if you aren’t sweating then you are missing a huge piece of the puzzle.

Sweating isn’t about doing something good for your body from this point forward, sweating is about healing your body from the things you have already done to it. When you sweat you are forcing your pores to open and flush out the toxins and sludge that is trapped just under your skin. Unlike most detoxes that take a few days before you start to feel the effects, you will feel the benefits of a good sweat within minutes.

Not only will you feel lighter and get a burst of energy, but your skin will have a natural glow, one that will still be there after you have showered. You will also find that no matter how hard your day was, there is peace and clarity that comes after you have flushed out toxins through sweat. Even 15 minutes of sweating is enough for you to feel these benefits and it goes without saying that the more you add sweating to your new healthy lifestyle, the more benefits you will see.

Contrary to popular belief, sweating doesn’t mean that you need to endure grueling workouts and frustrating hours at the gym. Yes, there will be physical activity involved, but the easiest way to sweat is to find something physical that you like to do and make it part of your lifestyle. This could be something as simple as playing tennis a few times a week or something as intense as mountain biking. The only requirement is that it works for you and it helps you to work up a sweat.

Whatever you choose to do to make yourself sweat, it isn’t meant to take away from the benefits of a healthy eating and workout routine. Rather it is meant to add to those benefits. If you find that your current workouts leave you in a good sweaty place, then by all means stick with them. But if your workouts do wonders for your body without leaving you drenched, then you might want to consider adding something to your weekly routine that will make sweat.

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