Modifying the BRAT Diet for Paleo Kids

When someone is ill with a stomach bug, they are often told by their doctor to go on the BRAT diet. This consists of bland foods, including bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Unfortunately, if your kids follow the paleo diet, they won’t be able to enjoy the rice and toast. Here are some ways you can modify the BRAT diet to help your child overcome their illness while sticking to their paleo lifestyle.

Start With Bananas and Applesauce

If you have a child that is ill, you can start them on the BRAT diet by giving them applesauce and bananas. Both of these foods are included in this type of diet and are also okay according to the paleo diet. With applesauce, try to make it yourself so that there isn’t any added sugar or unfamiliar ingredients. All you need to do is put some apples and approved spices into a food processor, blending until you reach the right consistency. Bananas are also a great source of nutrition, while also being a gentle food for tender tummies. Because both apples and bananas are sweet but gentle on the stomach, they are a great choice for even the pickiest eater.

Choose From Other Bland Foods

There are other bland foods that are also easy on your child’s stomach but also are included in the paleo diet. For example, your child can eat potatoes like sweet potatoes, yams, and white potatoes. Even though white potatoes are considered a ‘gray area’ in the paleo diet, they are very gentle on the stomach and also the tastebuds, making them a perfect choice for your sick little one. Potatoes are not only healthy, but they are bland as long as you are not adding butter or harsh seasonings. Other bland foods that are gentle on the stomach include eggs and boiled or steamed chicken…

Fill Up On Soup and Stew

Soup, stew, and broth can be given to your child with stomach upset, the flu, or another intestinal issue requiring the BRAT diet. While not completely the actual BRAT diet, soups and broths are bland since you control the seasonings and ingredients that go into them. If your child can handle a little more food, a stew is a great way to make use of your bone broth, extra vegetables, and your choice of meats. With soup, you can easily make a vegetable soup that is easy for your children to digest.

When modifying a BRAT diet, give your child one small type of food at a time until you figure out what they can handle.

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