Paleo-Approved Easter Dishes

Being on the Paleo diet is not difficult and you have so many wonderful foods you can eat. The problem often comes up when there are special occasions like Easter. However, don’t let this get you down! You can still make some delicious treats and meals that are perfect for Easter but still won’t get you out of your Paleo way of eating.

Glazed Carrots

What side dish is more “Easter” than carrots? You should definitely consider adding this one to your Easter dinner! Carrots are healthy, easy to make and satisfy just about everyone. This is also a good substitution for that high-carb green bean casserole people seem to like eating for every holiday meal. You can bring along these honey-glazed carrots and people will be amazed they are allowed on Paleo. All you have to do is cook your carrots with some olive oil, chicken or vegetable broth, honey, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and butter. Yes, it is that easy!

Mayo-Free Egg Salad (With Avocado)

Do you want to make a yummy egg salad but don’t want to use mayonnaise? If so, think about making a mayo-free version with avocado! It has the same creaminess, makes it a fun green color for the kids, and is just so delicious. It is also incredibly easy to make, even with a short amount of time before Easter brunch or dinner. You just need to mix hard-boiled eggs with avocado, lime juice, and some salt and pepper. These make a good snack, lunch, or side for your traditional Easter dinner in lieu of the deviled eggs.

Paleo Ham in the Slow Cooker

Most meat dishes can be enjoyed while on the Paleo diet, but for Easter, you might not want to worry about having the oven on and heating up the kitchen, especially if it is a warm April day. A better option is to use your slow cooker to make the ham. You can season it with anything you like, but for Paleo, you want to stick to the basics like freshly-squeezed orange juice, honey, herbs, and maybe a little coconut oil and orange zest. Add it to the slow cooker and it will cook all day, be juicy when it is done, and won’t heat up the kitchen.

With these Paleo dishes, your family will be happy on Easter with their yummy foods, but you won’t feel like you have to eat something completely separate.

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