Paleo Diet for Diabetes

While trying a new eating style is hard for everyone, for the diabetic it can be nearly impossible. For most of us, the worst thing we will have to worry about is food cravings or a few hunger pains, but a diabetic also has the added worry of possibly getting physically sick. In most cases, it isn’t that you don’t want to lose weight and be healthier, it is that fear of getting your sugar out of whack and having to cope with the consequences that keep you from changing your eating habits.

When you are dealing with Paleo, you are dealing with a whole new way of eating. Instead of focusing on the foods that are going to increase your carbs, (and knock your insulin levels out of whack in the process), you will be putting the majority of your food energy into eating good fats and proteins. The protein gives you energy and the good fat works to help you keep that energy for a longer period. And then there is the physical aspect of Paleo. If you are going to be truly Paleo you are going to be spending some time working out every week. This is not just a great way to reduce your stress and look your best, the physical activity is also a great way to control your diabetes.

Still though, when you are struggling with diabetes any changes in your diet can be a scary thought. Just remember, there is nothing set in stone saying that you have to jump on the Paleo bandwagon full force. If you would feel more comfortable eating only one Paleo meal a day and seeing how it affects your insulin then that is what you should be doing. For the rest of the day, you can simply stick to your pre-Paleo eating plan. Over time as you get more comfortable with Paleo you .can increase your meals from one Paleo meal to two Paleo meals in a day and you can gradually work your way up from there until you are a strict Paleo eater.

You can do the same things with the workouts. Start simply and work your way up as you feel comfortable. Try to find that balance between knowing your limits and pushing yourself to the next level.

If you are diabetic and starting on the Paleo diet, there is no shame in taking your time with everything. Remember, a sudden change in diet will not affect everyone else the same way that it will affect you and the last thing you want to do is get sick. The good news is that many people with diabetes have had a lot of success eating Paleo so you will likely start feeling the positive effects of Paleo fairly quickly.

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