Paleo Foods That Help Baby’s Brain Development

There are some superfoods that are perfect for pregnant Paleo women (and everybody else as well). They help curb unhealthy cravings during pregnancy while addressing your baby’s brain development. They also deliver other health benefits to mom and baby alike since they are chock-full of so many nutrients and minerals essential to mental and physical wellness.

As a mother-to-be, you may be taking some prenatal vitamins in an attempt to give your baby plenty of nutrition. The following foods do that as well, and they are Paleo-approved. Eat more of these foods during your pregnancy to help boost your baby’s mental development and overall health.

These foods can also be introduced into your baby’s diet raw or after cooking and/or mashing and pureeing them. Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, PhD is better known as The Paleo Mom. She recommends that healthy babies can start eating solid food after about 6 months. This recommendation is agreed upon by most pediatricians.


You probably know that carrots promote visual health. They are also important to eat for the development of the bones, teeth and skin of your baby. The vitamin A in carrots is an essential element for a healthy brain.


Bananas are great for the pregnant mom trying to combat morning sickness. Bananas deliver very high levels of potassium, and this can help pregnant women fight off the fatigue that so many of them experience. That potassium is also a brain development booster for your baby.


Avocados are so good for you and your baby in so many ways. Seriously, where to begin? They deliver vitamin C and dietary fiber, they are full of the folic acid (vitamin B9) that is needed for your baby’s healthy mental development, and they are extremely versatile in the Paleo kitchen. Add them to your salads and sandwiches, or juice them with the other baby brain boosters on this list.


All leafy greens are good for you and your baby. Spinach is one particular leafy green that contains fiber and iron, folic acid and vitamin A, calcium and vitamin C. Additionally, spinach has a high iron content that promotes the healthy development of your baby’s red blood cells. That combination of health boosting ingredients promotes positive mental development in your baby.


Nuts are the perfect Paleo snack for pregnancies. They are full of magnesium, iron and copper. They offer zinc and selenium; two nutrient needs your unborn baby has that aren’t met in a lot of foods. You also get healthy omega-3 fatty acids which boost the mental and physical development of your child. Shoot for pistachios, almonds and walnuts for a nice omega-3 dose.


What’s not to like about broccoli? In truth, some people have an aversion to this wonderful superfood. That’s a shame because broccoli is full of nutrients that are essential for a healthy pregnancy. Broccoli is the perfect brain builder for your baby thanks to the vitamin K and choline it delivers. Both you and your baby benefit from essential nutrients like potassium, zinc and magnesium, iron, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, as well as several B vitamins.

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