Paleo-Friendly Workouts for Kids

The paleo diet is an excellent way to get your kids to eat healthier, improve their gut health, increase mental awareness, and get more energy. But what many don’t realize is that there are also many paleo-friendly ways you can start working out with your child. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will take your child to Crossfit with you (although many Crossfit studios are able to find fun and safe moderations to this popular workout), it means that there are many less intense workouts that you can be doing with your child that will still build strength, endurance, and muscle tone.

Go On a Hike

A great workout for kids that is also a part of the paleo lifestyle is taking them on a hike. Walking, in general, is an excellent way to get their blood pumping and keep them in good shape, but it should be a slow and steady method of walking. Your kids don’t need to run sprints or go jogging just to get a good paleo-friendly workout in. Hiking not only encourages them to get more walking in, but it can be a more enjoyable exercise. It is something you can get the entire family involved in, including the dogs. While you are on your hike, don’t be afraid to stop and enjoy the view, have them pick up rocks of different sizes, and chase the dogs up hills as long as it is safe to do so.

Ride Bicycles

Some paleo-friendly workouts for kids incorporate modern items, such as a bicycle. This allows your kids to have another fun activity that provides a good workout without the feeling that you are actually working out. It is also something you can do together as a family, which makes it a great way for everyone to connect after the stress of a long day at work and school. Riding a bicycle helps to burn excess calories, improve physical strength and balance, and improve the health of the muscles, bones, heart, and lungs. Another benefit of riding bicycles is that there are many places to ride them, from the same trails you hike on, to the nearby park, or even down your own street.

Help With Yardwork

Paleo-friendly workouts are often done outdoors, even with activities as simple as lifting heavy things or pulling weeds. This is where the yardwork exercise comes in handy. If you have some landscaping projects to get done, have your kids come out with you and lend a hand. If they can help move large rocks out of the way for your vegetable garden, pull weeds, and help you transplant seedlings or trees, they will be helping you out and getting good exercise in the process. Since fresh vegetables are a big part of the paleo diet, you can also have them help you plant a vegetable garden. Not only will this teach your child the process that their vegetables go through before it reaches their plate, but they can also help to care for the vegetables each day as they grow, which will strengthen your child’s connection with food as well as teach them an added responsibility.

Your child’s workouts don’t always have to be outdoors, if the weather is bad, they can run upstairs, jump rope, practice planks, and do other natural movements for the body.

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