School Lunches for the Paleo Kid

When you switch to a paleo diet and start to introduce it to your kids, you will need to think about what they can bring to school. You will no longer be giving them peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, nor will they be eating from the school cafeteria. However, just because they are eating different types of foods for lunch, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and delicious at the same time. Here are some tips for putting together some delicious school lunches for your kids who are following a paleo diet.

Use Bento-Style Lunch Boxes

Before you start putting together your kid’s paleo lunches, get the right lunch boxes. A regular and open lunch box isn’t going to work for most lunches, since they aren’t just getting a wrapped sandwich, apple, and bag of pretzels. You want to have something with space for a variety of different items, giving them an exciting lunch with plenty of nutrients and flavors. Bento-style boxes are ideal because they are small enough to fit in your child’s backpack, but they also have multiple compartments for fitting in different foods. A single bento box will have at least four compartments, but often more than that.

Make it Simple With Protein and Veggies

If your kid is new to the paleo diet, you don’t want to make their lunches too complex. Make their lunches simple and easy to put together by simply adding the main protein source and some of their favorite vegetables. This allows them to stick to the paleo lifestyle without having to get too crazy. You can include some pieces of roast chicken in one compartment, while the other compartments have their favorite vegetables, fruits, and nuts. For example, having a lunch of roast chicken, baby carrots, cucumbers, and nuts is healthy and filling.

Give the Experimental Kid Something Different

On the other hand, if you have a kid that likes to experiment with their food, they might be up for something a little different. For an older kid that has a more complex palate and doesn’t want the same chicken and veggie lunch, you can give them some crab-stuffed tomatoes. This combines their protein with a vegetable and can be combined with other fruits and vegetables, applesauce, fruit, and nuts. You can also give them crab-stuffed tomatoes with turkey and veggie roll-ups for added protein in their meal. The great thing about eating paleo is that there is something for everyone.

Combine Smaller Portions of Their Favorite Foods

Since you don’t want their lunch to be the same every day, it is good to have some days where you simply combine some of their favorite foods into their lunchbox. For example, you can add some bell peppers and mushrooms, hard-boiled eggs, cold cuts, and cubed fruit to the lunch box. Another option is to let your kid pick from the different categories of foods they need in a paleo diet, for example choosing a meat or protein source, vegetable, fruit, nut, and fat.

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