Set Your Paleo New Year’s Resolutions

Figuring out what you want for yourself in the new year is important. Whether it is finance, love, career, or health, your new year’s resolutions are a chance for you to get a fresh start in life. Even though having resolutions is great, keeping resolutions can be an entirely different story. More often than not, people fail to keep their resolutions. Not because they didn’t want to, not because they were lazy or unmotivated simply because they weren’t crystal clear with their goals and what it would take to reach them.

If you are going paleo in the new year, what do you want your goals to be? Yes, it may be simple to think that you want to be healthier and have a better figure, but have you thought about the steps that it would take to get there? Instead of making generic resolutions, drill it down into simple things that you can easily take action on. For example, instead of your resolution being to have a better figure, make a resolution instead that will start you in that direction. For example, make a resolution that you are going to walk every day and eat a healthy breakfast. Once those resolutions become a habit for you (typically one month), then add to a new part of that resolution, for example, saying that you are going to eat healthy for both breakfast and lunch and add weight lifting to your workouts.

Simple steps that build on each other are important. If you go too far away from your normal routine, you are likely to overwhelm yourself and ultimately more likely to fail. Changing your life isn’t a sprint, it is a marathon, and taking small steps in the direction you want to go will have a much bigger impact than starting off too quickly and burning yourself out.

But where do you start? Make a list of everything that you want to get out of the paleo lifestyle. Do you want more self-confidence? Do you want to have more strength? Do you want to feel better about yourself overall? Whatever it is, add it to your list. These are your goals and once you have them, it is time to break those goals down into small steps, and these steps don’t necessarily have to be about eating paleo. For instance, if one of your goals is to feel better about yourself, eating paleo will definitely help, but if you don’t learn to speak to yourself in a positive manner, then all of the healthy food in the world will not help you find that positive self-image.

If you are looking to make big changes in your life, the new year is the perfect time to start fresh and give yourself a ‘reset’. But it is important that you understand what you are able to do and not push yourself to the point of failure. All of your new year’s resolutions can and will come true, but you need to take small steps to get there.

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