Simple Paleo Kitchen Tools You Will Use Everyday

If you’re going to make the transition to the paleo diet, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right tools in your kitchen. The number of kitchen gadgets out there is staggering, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Luckily, living a paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune on new kitchen appliances. In fact, most paleo kitchen gadgets are things you have in your kitchen right now.

1) Blender

An easy way to be successful on the paleo diet is to have sauces and dressings on hand to add fast flavor to any meal. But you won’t be able to grab these from your favorite grocery store (they are likely processed after all). This is where a simple blender can save the day. There are a ton of great recipes out there for blended paleo sauces. Because of this, your blender will be your new best friend in the kitchen. But that isn’t all your blender can do, you can also use it to make fresh fruit shakes and smoothies for those days when you need to eat on the go.

2) Chopper

With so many fruits and vegetables in your diet, chopping, dicing, and mincing are the name of the game. At some point, you might decide to spring for a nice food processor, but in the beginning, a chopper will do the trick. Choppers can be extremely useful when you have to finely chop multiple ingredients together for meals like soup or meatballs. Because chopping can be time-consuming, many people prefer to do all of their chopping on their meal prep day and then save their chopped items in the fridge or freezer until needed.

3) Knives

A good, quality set of knives is an invaluable necessity for any paleo kitchen. How much you spend is up to you, but keep in mind that cheaper knives will not only underperform, but they will wear out much faster as well. Either way, make sure that you have a full set with a good variety so that you will always have the right knife for the job. Once you’ve got the perfect set, make sure that you take good care of them. Always wash your knives under warm water immediately after using them, and never put them in the dishwasher.

4) Cutting Board

An easy way to take care of your knives, and your counter, is to have a good cutting board. Not only are cutting boards relatively cheap, but they can last for years and they are easy to keep clean. Find yourself a nice thick plastic or wood cutting board and use it faithfully.

5) Crockpot

If you have not yet discovered the many wonderful uses for crock pots, you are really missing out. When you have a crockpot, dinner is as easy as throwing your ingredients in and walking away. By the time you come home from work, a delicious meal is already waiting for you.

Starting a new eating journey can seem intimidating, but having a few easy-to-use kitchen tools on hand will make life much easier. Even better, you likely have most of these things in your kitchen right now. Eating paleo isn’t about pricey kitchen tools or spending hours in the kitchen. It is about eating delicious food that is easy to make.

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