The True Cost of Your Health

It seems one of the hardest things to do is get control of our health. And it doesn’t help that everywhere you turn there is a new health guru or diet trend that promises the gift of true health but rarely delivers. The problem with these ‘quick and easy’ health solutions is two-fold. First, even if something helps you to lose weight that doesn’t mean that you are getting healthier. And secondly, many times these diet trends are not well tested and can cause health issues for you in the future.

If you want to get truly healthy, it is as simple as going back to basics and eating in a way that nourishes your body instead of destroying it. This is where eating grass-fed meats and organic fruits and vegetables come into play. Can you lose weight by eating non-organic fruits and veggies? Of course. Will you be able to save a few bucks on your grocery bills if you forego those more expensive organic and grass-fed items? Definitely.

But what about your health, what good is reaching your goal weight if you are still setting yourself up for a long-term sickness?

Eating truly clean can be pricey in the beginning but will save you in the long run. When you first start to eat clean, your body is going to go through an adjustment period of sorts. This means that you will likely still be getting sick and still be suffering from any chronic conditions that you have. But if you continue to eat this way then you will discover something amazing happens over time. You will begin to not only feel better, but you will notice that you are spending less on medications and doctor bills as well.

In other words, even though it might not seem possible right now, over time things will balance out and you will very likely be able to keep your same household budget while still experiencing the health benefits that come with eating clean. Can eating truly clean be frustrating? Yes. Can it be a hard adjustment in the beginning? Definitely. But if we are being honest anything worth achieving is worth being hard to do. The sad fact is that many times people don’t know that they are suffering from an autoimmune disorder or cancer until the disease has progressed to the point where they start to become truly sick and unfortunately by that time a change in diet alone might not be enough.

While it might seem intimidating to think about adding the cost of a new diet to your budget, you need to think about your health. Is it worth potentially sacrificing your health later to save a few extra dollars now? Remember, you are worth this.

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