Tips For Prepping and Planning Your Paleo Meals

If you are new to meal planning, you might want to start with a few tips. Here are some suggestions to follow when prepping and planning your paleo meals.

Make Three Types of Meat in One Pan

One way you can prep and plan your paleo meals is by making three types of meat or meat seasoned in three different ways in one single pan. This is done by using aluminum foil dividers that will keep each meat separately. For example, if you want chicken for your meals but don’t want the same chicken each time, you can separate them in a big casserole dish with foil. One can be marinated in a honey mustard sauce, another can just be regular baked chicken, and the third can have a spicy sriracha sauce. Another option is to have two types of chicken and pork chops in the third section.

Bake Eggs in the Oven

If you like hard-boiled eggs, you don’t actually have to boil them. Instead, you can bake them and still have the exact same effect. To do this, you will place one egg in each compartment in a muffin tin. You then bake them for about 20-30 minutes in the oven or until you see one of the shells beginning to crack. This is an easy and effective way to get your eggs ready without having to boil a pot of water, which does tend to be more difficult.

Have a Grocery List Ready

It is very easy go to the grocery store and get a lot of ingredients you don’t need. One of the benefits of meal planning in the first place is to avoid doing this. Instead, you will first make a list of food or ingredients your currently have and use them for meal ideas. You can then take that list and finish it with other meal ideas, thinking about ingredients you can use for multiple meals and snacks. Once that is done, make a grocery list for ingredients you need only for what is on your meal list, then make sure you bring it to the supermarket with you. Use only this list when you go.

Get All Your Veggies Ready

When it comes to prepping, you don’t actually have to make all your meals ahead of time and freeze them. Not everyone has the time to bake a week’s worth of dinners, and you might not have enough room in your freezer. But you can at least get all your veggies ready since these tend to take a lot of time to prepare for meals. Chop and slice veggies as needed, including spiralizing some to use as pasta.

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