Traveling with a Paleo Kid

Sticking to the paleo diet becomes habitual as time goes on, at some point, you will automatically know exactly how to put meals together and what your kids like to eat, there will be no guesswork to it. Still, when you are trying something new, such as going on that first vacation with your paleo kids, it might get a little complicated. Here are some easy tips for traveling with a kid who is on the paleo diet.

Pack Paleo-Friendly Snacks

Whether you are going on a road trip or will be taking a plane or train to the destination, it helps to be prepared with some paleo-friendly snacks. There is no telling what types of food choices there will be, so it is best that you come prepared. Start by packaging up some of your kids’ favorite snacks, whether it is homemade trail mix with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, baggies filled with chopped fruits and vegetables, or insulated bags that contain roast chicken and veggies. Let your kids choose their favorite snacks to bring along on the trip to make it more fun for them.

Know What to Get at Restaurants

When you are on a trip, you might not have access to a full-size kitchen to make all your own meals and will likely be eating out at least a few times. You don’t want to miss out on local culinary favorites, but you also want to stick to the paleo diet as much as possible. This means choosing the right food items from each type of restaurant. It may take some modifications, but it is definitely something you can handle.

For example, if you end up at a Mexican restaurant, you can order chicken fajitas and have just the chicken and vegetables, while ditching the tortillas. Have that with unlimited salsa and guacamole to make it a delicious meal. Try to choose restaurants with a lot of meat choices, such as a steakhouse. Your kids can choose their meat or fish of choice and combine it with a salad. Speaking of salads, salad bars are ideal when eating out since you have full control of what goes in them.

Book a Room With a Kitchen

To make it easier on yourself, try to book a hotel room with a kitchen. Many affordable hotels now have rooms with at least basic kitchen essentials, such as a full-size refrigerator, stove and oven, and cutting utensils. You can still eat out during the trip, but for other meals, you have full control over what your kids and the rest of your family eat. If you can’t find this type of hotel room, at least opt for one with a mini fridge so you can keep the cooked meats and veggies cold for breakfast and snacks.

During your travels, it is relatively easy to stick to a paleo fitness routine with the kids as well. You can make use of the hotel swimming pool, run laps around the hotel, or go to a nearby park to go on a fun hike.

When you first begin to transition your child into the paleo life, it might seem like traveling would be a hassle. But by using these simple tricks and planning ahead you will spend less time thinking about food and more time relaxing.

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