Wedding Dinner Food Ideas

Eating clean for your wedding can be tough. So many of the traditional wedding foods and appetizers definitely don’t hit the Paleo playlist. You may decide to serve dinner after the rehearsal, and there’s always the wedding reception meals and snacks. 

You can go simple or upgrade your meals. Think “backyard barbecue” or “high-class dinner”. It’s simple to make meals that your Paleolithic ancestors would love, while still keeping your modern-day guests happy. Here are a few wedding dinner ideas that will keep everyone eating clean, and also raving about the food you serve.

Go Traditional Italian with a Paleo Twist

Italian foods are popular at weddings. Especially when the bride and groom or Italian, the following Paleo meal ideas make a lot of sense.

You can eat clean and enjoy pasta at the same time. Rice pasta rotini is a tasty noodle that can be used for a number of Italian dishes. Cook chicken or beef to add to the pasta for a source of healthy protein.

Traditional pesto or red pesto, carbonara, puttanesca and olive oil are just a few sauces that pass the Paleo scrutiny. A number of cheeses, including traditionally Italian mozzarella and Parmesan, provide flavorful and filling toppings.

Steak and Asparagus

A lot of people consider a nice cut of steak as a meal they can’t always afford to have. Treat your guests to a healthy and delicious meal of freshly cooked steak and grilled asparagus.

Potatoes often accompany a stake. As you know, potatoes are not Paleo-approved. No problem. Finely ground cauliflower makes a great mashed potato alternative. Add butter, chives and bacon bits for a fantastic flavor kick.

Offer a Prime Rib Carving Station 

Prime rib is a flavorful cut of meat that conveys a sense of class. You can build a prime rib carving station to serve up healthy prime rib cooked either rare or medium rare. The key to the perfect prime rib is not cooking the meat past 140°F. This causes the fat to melt out, and you end up with a tough, chewy and dry experience. 

Add a steamed vegetable station and serve the cauliflower mashed potatoes we mentioned above. Here is a simple Paleo-approved au jus sauce for dipping the prime rib. After cooking your prime rib, keep the sauce that remains. Add a little Worcestershire sauce and beef broth. Cook to the desired consistency.

Salmon and Cauliflower Rice

May properly, cauliflower rice isn’t far off from the traditional white rice experience. Add a little butter and sprinkle with sea salt to enhance the flavor. Steamed cauliflower rice is a perfect companion for smoked salmon drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil.

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