What Can A Paleo Diet Offer Kids?

The popular paleo diet isn’t just a fad diet, but a new way of looking at your old way of life. When eating paleo, you choose foods based on what the cavemen ate, which includes anything they could forage or hunt for. It is great for adults who want to be healthier and lose weight in the process. But many people don’t realize that the paleo lifestyle is great for kids as well. If you are trying to trying to decide whether this is the right path for your little one, here are some surprising benefits for your littlest eaters.

Paleo Helps With Memory and Brain Capacity

One of the reasons to start introducing the paleo diet and lifestyle to your kids is that it can help their growing and developing brains. The paleo diet encourages eating wild-caught salmon and other forms of cold-water fish, as this is one of the primary protein sources of cavemen, who would often spear their fish for dinner. Fish is not only healthy and low in fat and calories, but it also contains a lot of excellent nutrients. Among them are omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, which are great for the brain, memory, and eyes. It even helps with the heart.

Your Kids Will Enjoy Fresh Foods Without Fillers

The majority of the foods your child will eat are fresh, whole, and don’t contain fillers, additives, or high-fructose corn syrup. These can make your child feel ill, sluggish, and downright unmotivated to do anything. By eliminating all these dangerous additives, which aren’t necessary to a growing child’s diet, you are offering them more whole foods that are nothing but healthy. Think about the foods you can find around the perimeter of the grocery store, such as fresh produce, meat, and fish. These are going to be the main sources of your child’s diet. Another staple to the paleo diet is eggs, which will regularly be found in breakfast recipes and in ingredients for other meals. On a typical day, your child will receive a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, healthy fats and oils, and a variety of fish and meat.

Their Gut Health Will Be Improved

You will also notice an improvement in the overall gut health of your child. Although we typically don’t think about our children needing good gut health, it is an essential aspect of their overall digestion. The intestines can show a lot of negative physical and psychological symptoms in children when they eat unhealthy foods. Foods like sugar, processed and packaged foods, and bad fats are really bad for their intestinal tract. If you have a child with memory or concentration problems, constant stomachaches, or anxiety, they might actually have problems with their gut.

Switching over to a paleo diet, even if it is modified, can be very useful. Also keep in mind that with a paleo diet, your child will grow up not just healthy, but within the normal weight range. This helps avoid obesity and weight-related conditions like diabetes and heart conditions.

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