Paleo-Approved Candy For Kids at Easter

Easter may be a religious holiday by tradition, but it can also be a lot of fun for the kids. They get to open their Easter baskets which often have a lot of goodies and toys, hunt for Easter eggs, and maybe even visit the Easter bunny. Unfortunately, many of the treats are not approved on the Paleo diet. If you want your kids to follow the same lifestyle and not have them miss out on this fun holiday, here are some alternative treats you can make for them.

Paleo ‘Cadbury’ Cream Eggs

What do kids love at Easter? Cadbury Cream eggs! So do the adults in most cases. While you can’t have the regular version of this treat on Paleo, there is another way you can make them and have them be healthier but still enjoyed by everyone. For the chocolate coating, you can use raw honey, vanilla powder, cacao butter, and some cacao paste. Then for the white filling portion, use coconut oil, cashew butter, vanilla extract, cacao butter, and maple syrup. The yellow portion of the cream filling can have turmeric and maca powder. These treats are creamy, look just like the real thing, and are sweet with the vanilla, cacao, honey, and maple syrup added.

Chocolate and Caramel Eggs

Another fun treat is chocolate eggs, often solid eggs with peanut butter or caramel inside. You can make yourself a dairy-free version with dates instead of regular milk chocolate. Dates are surprisingly popular in Paleo and vegan recipes because they are sweet, and the texture, when blended up, is very similar to chocolate in your favorite recipes. You can blend them with a little bit of water, some raw cacao chips or dairy-free chocolate, and a little sea salt.

Nutella Fudge

Fudge is really easy to make for Paleo kids and adults by just watching what ingredients you are using. Nutella is perfect because it looks and tastes like chocolate, but it is actually made from hazelnuts and hazelnut butter. This keeps you from having any dairy in your chocolate fudge, and the kids won’t know the difference. Combine the hazelnut butter with coconut oil, maple syrup or raw honey, and some sea salt. You can pour the mixture into a shallow pan and let it cool and harden, then cut it up. Another option is to use rabbit or egg-shaped cookie cutters to make it fun for the kids.

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