Plan Your Own Holiday Parties with Paleo-Friendly Goodies

The Paleo diet is not a difficult one to manage on a daily basis, but when it comes to special occasions, it means adjusting your expectations and sometimes shifting your original plans. One great way to stick to this way of eating throughout the holidays is to plan parties yourself. By agreeing to be the host, you have full control over all food, which means you can include plenty of Paleo-friendly dishes for you and anyone else on this diet.

Offer to Host the Holiday Party

Does your family or group of friends usually have a holiday party around this time of year? If so, why not offer to be the host? This allows you to have full control over the menu so that you are not stressing about what to eat, trying to fill yourself up before you get to the party, and having to ask the host what everything is made with. You can still provide a lot of food and drinks that aren’t Paleo for all your friends who don’t follow this way of eating, but it makes it much easier knowing what you can and can’t eat if you have prepared everything yourself.

Cook Traditional Dishes with Paleo-Friendly Ingredients

Start by cooking enough Paleo-friendly dishes that your family can enjoy, along with anyone else on Paleo. Keep in mind many Paleo dishes are also approved for people on Keto, WholeFoods diets, and even Whole30. People who are interested in losing weight with clean eating or just making healthier choices will also appreciate that you have made some adjustments to your holiday dishes.

Whether it means serving mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes, or not using a lot of sugar and sweeteners on your Christmas ham, you will not be the only one to appreciate these healthier changes.

Offer Up Some Non-Paleo Dishes as Well

Even if the Paleo-friendly dishes you make are delicious, you might have guests that want other foods. Try to cater to everyone by at least having appetizers, drinks, a side dish or two, and desserts that aren’t strictly Paleo. This allows everyone to enjoy the special occasion without feeling forced to follow your way of eating, but you and others who are Paleo or similar can still enjoy your share of the dishes as well. That way, everyone enjoys quality time together, eats some delicious food, and doesn’t have to stress about it.

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